Sacred Ireland

Sacred Ireland


S1) Kells Monastic Town

Famous for the Book of Kells this town was once of the heart of a vibrant area of religious study and treasures. The ornate high crosses and round tower still stand as a testament to the building skills of the ancient monks.


S2) The 7 Wonders of Fore

Fore is where St Fechin created his seven wonders and a Benedictine Monastery developed. A marked walking trail brings you through the monastic ruins and into native woodland. A coffee shop and lively Irish pub are located close by in the village of Fore.


S3) Oliver Plunkett’s Church

St Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh and Martyr, lived at a time of religious oppression in Ireland where his belief and courage cost him his life. In 1975 he became the first new Irish saint for almost 700 years. The church of St Oliver Plunkett is located at Loughcrew Gardens.


S4) Bective Abbey

Bective Abbey can be found on the banks of the River Boyne, between Navan and Trim.  A Cistercian Abbey, dating back to 1147, it was a daughter house of Mellifont Abbey and the original burial place of Hugh de Lacy.


S5) Hill of Slane

St Patrick is believed to have lit a pascal fire here in 433AD, to challenge the power of the pagan High King Laoghaire at Tara.  Erc, reputedly one of the High King’s Druids, became a convert to Christianity and later Bishop of Slane.  Erc’s grave, the 15th century rectory and college buildings can be visited today.