Places To Visit

Places to Visit

Ancient Ireland


A1)Loughcrew Cairns

Ancient passage tombs  that are over 5,000 years old.

A2) Newgrange

View of Newgrange

This stone passageway is aligned with the winter solstice, a real feat of human engineering.

A3) Hill of Tara

A site long associated the majestic High Kings of Ireland. 

A4) Tlachtga

Tlachtga (Hill of Ward) was where the Great Fire Festival at Samhain was celebrated.

 A5) Uisneach

The Hill of Uisneach is home to more than forty archaeological monuments including the Cat Stone, a mythological entrance to the Otherworld.

A6) Cavan Burren

Included in the park are forest walks, glacial erratics, prehistoric monuments and the Marble Arch Caves.

A7) Lough Derravaragh and the Children of Lir

The site of the Irish Legend of the four Children of Lir turned into swans by an evil step-mother and condemned to spend 300 years on the lake.

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Sacred Ireland


S1) Kells Monastic Town

Famous for the Book of Kells this town was once of the heart of a vibrant area of religious study and treasures. 

S2) The 7 Wonders of Fore

Fore Monastery - Sacred Ireland

Fore is where St Fechin created his seven wonders and a Benedictine Monastery expanded to a huge settlement.

S3) Oliver Plunkett’s Church

St Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh and Martyr, lived at a time of religious oppression in Ireland where his belief and courage cost him his life. 

S4) Bective Abbey

A Cistercian Abbey, dating back to 1147, it was a daughter house of Mellifont Abbey and the original burial place of Hugh de Lacy.

S5) Hill of Slane

St Patrick is believed to have lit a pascal fire here in 433AD, to challenge the power of the pagan High King Laoghaire at Tara.

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Castles & Conquests


 C1) Trim Castle

Castle & Conquests

Used in the filming of Braveheart, this twelfth century Norman Castle is the largest in Ireland.

C2) Tullynally Castle and Gardens

The gardens like the castle date back over 350 years and are great for waking and enjoying the exotic features.

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Big Houses and Hard Times


H1) Loughcrew House

Built in the 1850’s Loughcrew House was designed by Charles Robert Cockerell and sits on 200 acres of parkland and within a valley below the Loughcrew Cairns.

H2) Loughcrew Megalithic Centre – Maggie Heaney’s Traditional Irish Cottage

Traditional Irish Cottage

This traditional Irish cottage was built in the 1700’s and was the inspiration for the Megalithic Centre.

H3) Belvedere House & Gardens Park

Belvedere House was constructed in 1740s as a hunting and fishing lodge for Lord Belfield -The first Earl of Belvedere.

H4) Farnham Estate & Health Spa

This 16th-century estate is the perfect place to pamper yourself for the day.

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Wars, Rebellions & Modern Times


M1) Cavan County Museum in Ballyjamesduff

World War I trenches and a 1916 commemoration exhibit are included in this collection of rare and historic artifacts.

M2) Battle of the Boyne

Boyne Valley

The largest battle this country had ever seen and a decisive moment in Irish and English history is remembered at this site near Drogheda.

M3) Ballinacree Heritage Room

The Ballinacree Fife and Drum band banner is over 100 years old and tells of Ireland’s rebellious and religious past.

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