Ancient Ireland

Ancient Ireland


A1)Loughcrew Cairns

The “Mountain of the Witch” is what the local people call Loughcrew and there is a story behind that. Find out what it is on a journey to the highest point in the Boyne Valley. With Cairns that are over 5,000 years old, a visit here will show you why it is the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East. Hear the legend of the witch, sit on her throne and take in the breath-taking view from the Boyne Valley’s highest point. Upon entering the tomb you will see some amazing carvings along the passage. You follow the path of the Equinox’s sunlight to see the spectacular carved stone that the sun light strikes twice a year.

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A2) Newgrange

Newgrange is a stunning Stone Age structure in the heart of the Boyne Valley. This prehistoric monument is older then the pyramids and Stonehenge and is estimated to be 5,100 years old. The stone passageway is aligned with the winter solstice, a real feat of human engineering.


A3) Hill of Tara

At the heart of the Boyne Valley is the Hill of Tara, a site long associated the majestic High Kings of Ireland. Here the Stone of Destiny (Lia Fail) is said to roar when the rightful ruler touches it. The hill of Tara is one of the largest Celtic complexes in all of Europe and was regarded in mythology as being an entrance to the otherworld.


A4) Tlachtga

Tlachtga (Hill of Ward) was where the Great Fire Festival at Samhain was celebrated. Tlachtga dates from approximately 200 AD and is the birthplace of Halloween. A new app is available to guide you on arrival at the site.


A5) Uisneach

Currently on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, Uisneach is one of our Royal Sites and is the legendary burial place of the Goddess, Ériu, and the Sun God, Lugh.   Sometimes known as the navel of Ireland, the Hill of Uisneach is home to more than forty archaeological monuments including the Cat Stone, a mythological entrance to the Otherworld. It is also associated with the Festival of Bealtaine.


A6) Cavan Burren

The Cavan Burren Park, in Blacklion, Co. Cavan is a limestone plateau that is only recently beginning to achieve the recognition it deserves.  Included in the park are forest walks, glacial erratics, prehistoric monuments and the Marble Arch Caves.


A7) Lough Derravaragh and the Children of Lir

Leaving Oldcastle on the R195 road for Castlepollard, you will pass the legendary Lough Derravaragh, the site of the Irish Legend of the four Children of Lir turned into swans by an evil step-mother and condemned to spend 300 years on the lake followed by another 300 years on the Straits of Moyle and a final 300 years on the Atlantic Ocean before regaining their human form.